Pretty Sewing Room Makeover

Margaret Sindelar’s family room was in desperate need of a makeover. The once-friendly space had been taken over by bolts of fabric and scads of sewing notions. See how designer Pamela Porter turned the room into a creative oasis.

Margaret Sindelar’s sewing nook, at one end of her family room, is complete with a large work surface and plenty of storage-savvy cabinets and containers, which are key to keeping a hardworking room clutter-free. Margaret’s chair is on casters, making it easy for her to move around her space.


Pegboard Storage

For one of Margaret’s cabinets, Pam had a pegboard sheetcut to fit, painted with a durable oil-base paint, and mounted on 3/4×1-inch furring strips. A tension rod holds ribbon in place just in front of the pegboard.


Magnetic Memo Board

A bank of 7-inch-deep cabinets allows for creative storage ideas, such as this magnetic memo board. Pam had galvanized metal cut to fit, dressed with wallpaper, and screwed to the cabinet back. Small containers with magnets on the back hold beads and buttons.


Fabric Storage

Shelves between frosted-glass doors allow Margaret to sort and label stacks of pretty quilting fabric by color. The 18 drawers below house notions and other supplies. The drawer pulls with labels ensure that Margaret can easily find everything.

I love these ideas, pretty storage that is easy toget to and clean up is easy when everything has a place.  For more great ideas for your sewing room check out the source below.



Source: A Pretty Sewing Room Makeover