Fun DIY Front Door Decorating for Autumn

Fall Front Door Décor

A garland framing the door can be as simple as a long, dried vine collected from the garden and attached to the door frame for a casual, rustic feel.

Pansies and White Pumpkins

If your temperatures permit, intersperse small painted pots of bright pansies with white mini pumpkins along a windowsill or railing.

Plastic pots that you can decorate and paint.


Fall Wreath with Northern Sea Grass

Here, sheaths of Northern sea oats were hot-glued onto a wreath form along with hollowed out dried gourds planted with hens-and-chicks succulents and pansies for color.

Wreaths are easy to make using a Wire Wreath Frame 12″-Green to thread and glue your items to the base.

Autumn Front Door Decor

Celebrate the season with a simple garland and an autumnal wreath fashioned from natural materials. This wreath’s base is made from a section of a tree trunk whose center had rotted away. Miniature Indian corn, chartreuse moss, and oak leaves complete the harvest look.


Using Collected Bits of Nature to Decorate

Use glue to adhere maple seedpods, twigs, acorn caps, and dried reeds for creating letters on orange kraft paper for the garland. Enlist kids to help in collecting the materials and creating the letters.

Garland Made with Seeds

String the finished letters on a simple length of brown string and hang.

Twigs, fruit, and plants are so interesting on their own that they often need few embellishments to become a wonderful focal point. Collect seed pods, grasses, and other natural elements during fall cleanup. Good plants for fall decorating include American bittersweet, beautyberry, globe amaranth, globe thistle, hydrangea, maidengrass, and Sweet Annie.


Source: Front Door Decorating for Autumn