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Learn to WeaveLearning to Weave, Revised Edition

Since it's first printing a decade ago, Learning to Weave has become the standard text book for both teachers and self-taught weavers. All you need to know is here including warping, reading and designing drafts, and the basics of weave structures. Warping back to front is included as well as updated resource lists.

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TThe Weaving, Spinning, and Dyeing Bookhe Weaving, Spinning, and Dyeing Book

This big, beautiful book with 435 illustrations is the clearest and most comprehensive ever published on the subject--explains everything the expert or beginner needs to know on how to weave, spin, and dye.

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Southwest Textiles: Weavings of the Pueblo and NavajoSouthwest Textiles: Weavings of the Pueblo and Navajo

The significance of Pueblo and Navajo textiles transcends simple artistic expression. Through the spiritual activity of weaving, male and female weavers beautify their world and integrate their art into the "web of life." Both the Pueblo and the Navajo believe that the culture hero Spider Woman has taught them to create with patience, understanding, and sensitivity. Yet over the centuries Pueblo and Navajo textiles have developed along distinct paths which reflect the unique historical and individual experiences within each culture. The textiles collection of the Southwest Museum illustrates the rich interplay between these two peoples and their art.

Southwest Textiles tells the fascinating story of the history and evolution of Pueblo and Navajo fabric arts. Over 250 outstanding examples from the Southwest Museum's collection are reproduced in full color, along with 125 illustrations showing details of these works and historical photographs of Native American craftspeople. Also included are absorbing accounts of the early collectors of these superb textiles and some of the colorful individuals who were instrumental in founding the Southwest Museum and shaping its collections.

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The Best of Weaver's : Fabrics That Go BumpThe Best of Weaver's : Fabrics That Go Bump

Weavers will love this intriguing collection of projects in fabrics that magically defy the flat plane, and bend, pucker, bump, and pleat. This comprehensive work begins with in-depth information about the unusual structures and fibers that add dimension. Inspiring photographs show an appealing range of projects: scarves, shawls, bags, totes, jackets, jewelry, and more. Techniques include collapse, pleats, seersucker, waffle weaves, cord weaves, and honeycombs. A wide range of special finishing and fulling tips are featured. Even more valuable than the project details is the confidence this wealth of information gives readers to continue to explore an exciting subject.

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